Project: Integration of Elite Athletes into the Labour Market through the Valorisation of their Transversal Competences - ELIT-in

Main objective: Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development, as well support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Atheletes.

Under the observation that elite athletes struggle to integrate the workplace after their athletic career, the importance of promoting and supporting dual careers is clear. The European project, led by Andalusian Swimming Federation (Spain), aims to obtain recognition of athlete’s “soft skills”, acquired throughout their professional sporting career, so that the recognition can give them a competitive edge on the job market.

ELIT-in Consortium:

  1. Universitat de les Illes Balears – Coordinator

  2. Centro sportivo italiano - partner

  3. Portuguese swimming federation - partner

  4. Fundaçao do sporto - partner

  5. ICSS Europe- partner

  6. Lietuvos sporto Federaciju Sajunga - partner

  7. Fundación Sevilla futbol club - partner

  8. Greater Manchester basketball club - partner

  9. Federación Andaluza de Natación - partner

  10. Olympic Comitee of Bosnia and Herzegovina - partner

  11. Sport and Citizenship - partner

  12. University of Ljubljana Faculty of sports - partner


Specific objectives

  • To create a guide of best practices on the valorization and recognition of transversal competences or life skills of elite athletes.
  • To design a methodological guide for the identification and recognition of the transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes throughout their sports careers, as well as for the tutoring and accompaniment of them towards their full socio-labour insertion.
  • To create and implement a training package aimed at elite athletes in the field of transversal competences that are more difficult to acquire through sport practice, but very important in businesses.
  • To develop and implement a quality label at European level for recognizing organisations that are actively working in the field of the valorization of transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes throughout their careers, helping them to integrate into the labour market once they retire.
  • To contribute to the networking and cooperation between educational institutions and sport bodies for the recognition of competences and qualifications that elite athletes acquire through the informal sports education as a part of or in addition to their formal education.
  • To guarantee the exploitation and sustainability of project results.


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Athletes Becoming Social Entrepreneurs! Developing a Gamification Based Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Athletes - SENTA

Elite athletes play an important role in philanthropic community and thus it is important to develop their social entrepreneurship competences. However, social entrepreneurship in sports is a relatively new research and education field. There is no structured course curriculum for sports organisation (universities, institutes, National Olympic Committees, sports federations etc.), career professionals/consultants, trainers and mentors who work to support the dual careers of elite athletes in social entrepreneurship.

The overall objectives of the SENTA project: support the implementation of the EU Guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes through the development of a sports-focused social entrepreneurship program - contribute to innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship through an innovative curriculum and gamification based training modules in line with talented, elite and retired athletes needs and expectations.

SENTA consortium:

Furim Institutt - Coordinator

Bulgarian Sports Development Association - partner

Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina - partner

Love from the Inside Wellness Society – partner

Africa CO2 – partner

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia – partner

National University of Physical Education and Sport – partner

European Network of Sport Education – partner


Special aims of the SENTA project:

to help athletes in order to develop, fund and implement solutions and ideas to social, cultural or environmental issues and transform them into economic and social values for themselves and society

to develop an innovative course curriculum that addresses the challenges faced by elite and retired athletes on social entrepreneurship in the sport field and to improve the social entrepreneurship skills and competencies of elite and retired athletes with gamification based digital and open training modules.

The direct target group of the project is Olympic, talented, elite and retired athletes in participant countries. The final beneficiaries of the project are dual career experts, sport education providers, people who suffer from various social problems, student-athletes, active people in the sports sector who want to become sport-based social entrepreneurs, sport institutions at all level, start-ups, accelerators and incubation centers, social innovation centers/networks and investors.

Read more about the project on the following link.